Work Fields

The progress and advancement achieved in technology adopted towards the end of the last century made competition a tough task for our company, however we soon had operations all over the oil sites over Sudan , a total workforce over 1500 employees and turnover 150 million USD .

Electro Mechanical Unit:

Since the first years Higleig participated in the erection of the high voltage towers, as well as some cable laying works, and then awarded contracts of power plants, as well as control panels, and contenued to award many contracts of various nature.

Having cosolidated its Oil & Gas operations, higleig decided to branch into other diciplines. It established the Roads & Bridges division. From the first project up to date, this unit ha sgrown into taking up construction of hundreds of kilometers of national roads, airstipes and airports.
Started 9 years old the Roads and Bridges unit has successfully completed construction/rehabilitation of over 1100 kms of roads in Sudanthis unit has proven capability of undertaking larg roads and bridges projects. In addition it can also execute large size infrastucture projects involving earth work and allied activities.
this business unit has progessed by leaps and bounds to the forefront of road construction contractors in Sudan. the unit has contributed to the development of the country by building roads across the length and breadth of the country. The unit is proud of some of its recent achievements in the competetive construction industry.
Today the unit is confident enough to undertake any type of road works at any place and has specialized teams to take up challenging jops at most diffecult terrains. The unit is constantly improving its thechnical skill and methodology to fulfil its commetment to improve the operational efficiency. The biggest asset of the unit is its commeted and motivated workforce, through utilizing the latest equipments and thechnologies.
This unit is having a central full-fledged materials testing lab, managed by competent profissionals, for soil , asphalt and concrete testing in addition to the various site labs.

This division signifies the group's upstream activities since 2002. It remains an integral part of the company's activities till date and has been continually stringthening its capabilities to serve national and international operating companies in the upstream oilfield market. In its short period of operation, it has built strong ties with the major oil service companies, developing the market for its partners in diverse application areas.

This division is one of the largest divisions in the group, which holds a huge quantity of assets, and is involved in huge mobilization and maintainance operations. Due to the decentralization and restructuring changes that the group is undergiong, it has been decided that the equipment division will remain as a separate business unit, and to lease the equipments to the indivdual projects on contract basis. This cource of action ensures the rationalization of dicesion making, and will give this division full autonomy and accountability.

Distinction & Creation

  • Career Development Plans
  • Motivated Manpower
  • Continuous Job Evaluation
  • Attractive Packages
  • Social Relationships

Awards & Accreditation

  • HSE Records & Awards
  • OHSAS - 18001 Certification
  • ISO 9001 in 2004